In this episode, Karen dives into her experiences using dating apps and some crazy dates she's been on, including watching 50 Shades of Grey with a guy who smelled. She also discusses her take on receiving unsolicited d*ck pics! 

In this week's episode, Karen discussed the big issue of catcalling and how a kid at Disneyland tried to be his dad's wing man!

In this week's episode, Karen tells a story of how she almost went on a date with a guy who had a girlfriend and then met the two of them at work! Listen to find out all the sh*t that went down!

In this episode, your host Karen along with special guest Gianna Gravalese spill all the tea! She tells us the story of her "relationship" with Mark and all the crazy sh*t that went down. I also finish up my story about Oscar.

In this episode, I pour out my emotions only a few hours after I got dumped over the phone. I'm obviously a mess so excuse my crying. 

In this episode, Karen dives right in and talks about how difficult it is for men to commit in a relationship. She introduces Oscar one of sh*tty exes, listen and find out how men ain't sh*t!